Dark Moon Intentions

Recently, I have become super intrigued by practices that increase the mind and body's overall balance and well-being. I'm talking yoga, meditation, mindfulness, crystal healing, ayurveda, cosmic energies, etc... It is a journey that has opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. This is how... Continue Reading →

Simple Handmade Card Ideas

In the digital age cards can get lost in the shuffle. But, lets be honest, a handmade card is much more personal! I was never a big scrapbooker or card maker. Anytime I did want to make a card I couldn't think of an idea. Over time though, I started getting the hang of it... Continue Reading →

The Millennial Mother

So, part of my tag line lists me as a "millennial mother". Factually I cannot avoid this (being born in 1990) any more then one can avoid the color of their skin. However, up until lately, before the term millennial really became popular, I never considered myself part of a group per say. Short of... Continue Reading →

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