Simple Handmade Card Ideas

In the digital age cards can get lost in the shuffle. But, lets be honest, a handmade card is much more personal! I was never a big scrapbooker or card maker. Anytime I did want to make a card I couldn’t think of an idea. Over time though, I started getting the hang of it and now the ideas flow like water! So, I wanted to share some of those ideas (with simple instructions) for those of you who also struggle to get started.

  • Thank You Card: Cut out 6 equally sized squares from corresponding papers. Glue the squares to the front of the card and zig-zag stitch around the edges. Cut out two hearts from a matching plain paper and secure with pop dots to the top left and bottom right squares. Stamp, write, or place Thank You sticker in the very middle.


  • Pregnancy Card: This one is literally SO simple! Just stamp or write the saying “may your pregnancy be filled with sweetness…” on the front. Add some cupcakes or other sweet treats cut out from paper or old cards, secure with pop dots. Stamp or write “…and your mornings be filled with caffeine!” on the inside. Glue on some coffee/caffeine-related decorations!
  • Thinking of You Card for Grandma: Pick two patterned corresponding papers and one solid paper. Cut the first pattern paper for your background (green in this case) the same size as the front of the card. Cut the second pattern paper (floral) the same height as the card, but about an inch shorter in width. Cut a strip of solid paper large enough to fit your message and secure with glue to the second pattern paper (floral). Cut, tie and secure a ribbon under your message then secure the patterned piece (floral) with dots to the far right side of the card. Add some additional stickers or pearls if you have them!


  • Baby Shower Card (girl): This is all about the layers. Cut a textured paper and a solid paper slightly smaller. Attached them in a layered style to the front of the card. Do the same when you cut out your hearts…add some embellishments like cork stickers, the name of the baby, or flowers with pop dots!


  • Graduation Card: This one is simple but it takes a little time. First, cut a solid stripe of bright paper to fit across the front middle of the card. Use a semi-sheer paper on top of that, cut slightly smaller. Cut out 2 squares on patterned or sequinned paper, then cut those squares in half to get even rectangles, and spread them out across the card, putting your foam numbers on top of each. To make the graduation cap: cut a small square out of a slightly textured black paper and use a needle to poke a hole in the middle. To make the tassel I used about a yard of all purpose thread and followed this tutorial ( Finally, thread the tassel through the hat and attached the hat using pop dots!


Stay posted for a DIY on reusing all those cards you get during the holidays!

Keep craftin’!

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