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Intent on Acceptance

Our lives are full of phases, just like those of the moon. From light to dark and full to new we understand that each phase holds an everlasting place in our hearts. Just so, the actual moon has been proven to have a phenomenal effect on natural elements, like the ocean, but it also has a profound energetic impact on our own beings. The combination and alignment of the natural cycles with our personal cycles can provide many insights into one’s own journey, ailments, troubles, and future.


I am still new to understanding the cosmic energies that surround and impact us. However, I can say with confidence that since I have willingly opened myself up to these energies, I have noticed a personal difference in my mental state. I’ve become more self-aware, more understanding, more mindful, more patient, and less reactive to negative emotional situations. But, like anything, it requires continual practice, and I have been slacking a little bit lately. Mostly because I began this journey through the physical practice of yoga and as my pregnancy progresses (I’m 38 weeks HUGE now…eeks!) the poses became more difficult and the flows shorter as my body limited my movements. Nonetheless, this full moon I’ve decided to tackle a specific emotion that has since made is way to the forefront…acceptance (or lack thereof).

During a full moon the energy is right for cleansing yourself and allowing room for new, more positive insights. As a tree sheds its leaves to make room for new life, we also need to shed things that no longer serve us. I do not necessarily want to get rid of acceptance, but instead learn how to harness it to create a more favorable, and constructive mindset.

Here is what I want to focus on:

The acceptance of:

  • What cannot be changed.

  • What is destined to change.

  • Who you are through each life change.

Accept What Cannot be Changed.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is “the only thing that always remains the same, is change.” I want to reference this in the present moment. We are talking about things that are currently happening…not that past or the future (although related, things get muddled trying to deal with all of them at once). Especially frustrating are those things that changed due to someone else’s actions. Regardless, I will not be cliche and say “everything happens for a reason” but, rather, everything has a purpose in the way it happens.

Have you ever come across a car accident that just happened and thought, wow if I would have left 5 minutes earlier that might have been me. When during that 5 minutes you might have been so upset and frustrated because your toddler hid your keys again and you are already running late. When the present taunts us with obstacles, acceptance is especially hard in the moment. But learning to accept the present is one of the most blissful feelings, and worth the practice in mindfulness if you want to get better at it.


Accept What is Destined to Change.

I think a big reason many people have a problem accepting change when it occurs, is because they tell themselves it won’t occur. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your life in the moment, and not anticipating a change anytime soon. But we also don’t want to live in fear of a change happening so that we cannot enjoy the present moment.

Somewhere in the middle is this line we walk that is like a tightrope across a majestic canyon. The views are wonderful, the breeze is sweet and mild, the sun is warming and the earth below shows its beauty through every twist and shape we wouldn’t otherwise see on the ground. We could not even walk this tight rope if we were too scared to try, we would never see the view or feel the breeze. But we also do not want to take the first step without looking where our foot will go, for if we fall before we start we also miss the view.

In end it will be over, and though we have made it across and enjoyed the experience, it is now time for another feat, or another part of our lives to start. Accepting this change will occur is not negative, but rather a positive notion that allows us to more smoothly transition when it does.

Accepting who you are through each life change.

I like to look at my life in retrospect, as if looking through the telescope of time, and I am amazed by the elaborate working of pathways that led me to typing blog post this right now. Truly, there are moments where the slightest change of heart would have given me a completely different life. Not every divergence was welcomed with open arms, though. Even now, there are days when I find it very difficult to hear someone say “treasure these moments, they don’t stay young forever!”…as my son has literally been a walking tantrum all day long.

But, in the end, its truly the trials that mold us, isn’t it? I may find it hard to accept the new stretch marks on my stomach today, but one day I know they will be a reminder of a time I will always hold dear to my heart.

This book, Long Days of Small Things, is a really good read on parenting, life perspective, and incorporating the Divine into a mother’s busy schedule.

more clara pix so pretty

Working on Acceptance with the Cosmic Energies.

So a lot of these thoughts have come through in my life as I was beginning to feel discouraged about having another baby. Truly, I am ready to pop and everything hurts, I can’t sleep well, I’m nervous about going in to labor being so far from a hospital, I’m tired, I can’t play with my son like he needs…and I’m just OVER IT. I was 2 centimeters dilated at 36 weeks so I was incredibly hopeful for an early delivery…now 38 weeks in I’ve started to loose hope.

It just so happened to be a full moon when I began to realize I desperately needed to redirect my thoughts towards acceptance rather then dismay.

It also just happens that our sacral chakra, or svadhishthana, is the one most associated with acceptance, sexuality, and creativity…and the one that I’m sure is the most out of alignment for a women during pregnancy. Located 3 fingers below your belly button and associated with the color orange (I’ve also been noticing the color orange a lot lately…), an unbalanced sacral chakra can be identified by poor or unpredictable emotional stability. I have also been crafting up a storm as my creative rivers run rapid with ideas! As all these facts fall into place, it was a sure sign that this was the right time to take advantage of the moons power and help to realign my sacral chakra…gaining an acceptance of the present and near-future events that will no doubt be life-changing.

Yesterday, as we sat in church, we reviewed Psalm 23.1-4 with the passage “he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul” standing out to me quite literally as I had been feeling the need to accept my current 38-week physical state and treasure it through a photo shoot at a local park. And so we did!


Later that night, I put out some of my crystals to recharge in the moonlight. I could see their energy radiating this morning when I retrieved them. As I use all of these tools we have naturally available to create a positive visualization of the upcoming changes, I feel so much more excited to go through this big life event (for the second time)!


Overall, we all know that life just happens…and happens the way it wants to. We will laugh, cry and be mad at life more times then we can count over the years, but we can also CHOOSE to accept these challenges or let them overcome us. For me, acceptance is a spiritual emotion that requires attention and nurturing. I choose to be better at accepting my life for the beauty it provides around me and within me, I hope my words can inspire others to do the same.

🙂 ~ Nicole





3 thoughts on “Intent on Acceptance

  1. Wonderful posts. I have read through several posts. And all I have to say is that I love the diversity of your content From life hacks to life experience, you nailed all of them. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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