30 Minute DIY Roll-Up Changing Pad

Tired of those gross department store changing tables? You know, the hard plastic ones that are ALWAYS out of changing table pads? The cold plastic (not to mention germs) on my little one’s bottom is sure to get a shrill of discomfort that eventually escalates into tantrum if I’m not quick enough. AND bathrooms echo…so yea. Lets solve that problem.


So this DIY is so easy and quick I did not want to stop making them! They’re also the perfect homemade baby shower gift!


  • Perfect size for baby
  • Rolls-up to fit snugly in diaper bag/purse
  • Stays rolled up with elastic
  • Color customizeable (because we all secretly love when another mom asks us where we got something that cute…now you can say you MADE IT. #raisingeyebrows)
  • Soft padding inside keeps baby’s butt warm and comfy


  • You’re still required to actually remember to put it in your diaper bag…all the more reason to make a few and keep them everywhere!


30 Minute DIY Roll-Up Changing Pad


*be mindful of patterned fabric, you may need to purchase more if your pattern is running in a specific direction. Pieces will be cut to 21″ x 16″.



  1. Pre-wash your material. I strongly recommend this because it’s a changing pad…it’s going to get washed! I don’t think it will make a huge difference, but better safe then sorry.
  2. Cut all your pieces to size.
    1. Front, back, and interfacing all cut to 21″ x 16″. Cut elastic to 8.5″20170818_104235
  3. Iron on the piece of fusible fleece to the wrong side of the front fabric.
  4. On the right side of the back fabric, make a small mark 4″ in on the short side (16″ side) of the fabric. Baste on the elastic FACING IN at this point.20170818_112307
  5. Pin the front and back pieces together, right sides together.
  6. Mark a 4″ opening for turning, and stitch using ½ inch seams.20170818_112454
  7. Clip corners and trim excess material, then turn changing pad right side out. Press.
  8. Pin the opening closed, top stitch at ¼ inch, and again at 1/8 inch (the 1/8 inch is optional but I feel it gives a further finished look)20170818_114129

And you’re DONE! So easy!


To roll the changing pad up: Fold it in half lengthwise and roll towards the elastic, secure with elastic.


Please check out my Etsy page, Keystone Peach Decor, for more hand-sewn items!

changing pad


Keep on craftin’ 🙂


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