5 Best Small Bag Sewing Tutorials

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My favorite hobby by far is sewing. I love doing DIY’s of all sorts, but sewing is my niche. I am always on the look out for excellent step by step tutorials, because sometimes buying patterns can get expensive (if you’re on a tight budget like me). Lately I have really enjoyed using up all the small pieces I have to make purses, clutches, and makeup bags. Check out what I have for sale HERE, in my Etsy shop – Keystone Peach Decor.

After scouring Pinterest and experiencing a couple epic fails, I have 5 go-to tutorials that are guaranteed to make you feel like a sewing goddess! They are simple, with easy to follow directions in text AND pictures. These are the type of tutorial I aim to emulate when I do my own posts on DIY projects. After all, it’s not a fun project if it’s more stressful then it is successful!

1. Zipper Pouch Tutorial


I love this tutorial because the pictures are particularly straightforward and easy to follow. These make wonderful little gifts! Here are some that I have made and available for purchase, HERE



2. Basic Clutch/Wristlet


Clutches are beyond simple to make, and this tutorial walks you through it like a pro! I like to add zipper tabs for a little more contrast, as well as using fusible fleece to add an extra layer of protection for your phone and other small electronics. Regular interfacing works just fine though if you do not have (or like the thickness of) fusible fleece. Here are some of my clutch creations, they can both be purchased HERE.



3. Basic Tote Bag


This tutorial is great because your options are endless! It lays out your most basic square tote…you could add a pocket (inside or out), extend the straps down the front and back, add fringe decorations, etc. Play around with contrasting outer and inner fabrics. Linings used to scare me because they can be a little confusing the first time you attempt it, but it’s so worth it! And once you do it a couple times it opens up a whole new world of sewing projects! Here is a simple tote I made that I created on my own similar to the one pictured, I added some yellow faux leather accents to spice it up!



4. Simple Fabric Gift Bag

gift bag

These are too cute to be so easy to make! Honestly, take a couple extra minutes to make these and you’ve go an awesome personalized gift (to put your gift in). You could also change up the size as needed to fit your gift.

I haven’t actually tried this tutorial yet, I’ll admit, but it looks very straightforward. The only issue I could foresee, is you may need interfacing for the bag to be stiffer, if one (or both) of your fabrics are lightweight.

5. Drawstring Bags

drawstring bag

Ok, these are the definition of small bags! But, they can be made any size! What I love about this tutorial is the separate band for the strings themselves adds a little extra touch of fanciness. Also, if you want make one as a back pack…increase the size of the bag, lengthen the strings, and leaving a small opening at each corner then sewing the loose ends of the strings into those openings. (Here is a tutorial that better describes it).

These were one of the first things I ever sewed and sold at craft shows!


Here are some other related tutorials that may help you in your bag making journeys:

Interfacing Tips – Who doesn’t need this? There are only a million types of interfacing…

Welt Zipper – Great for professional, clean pockets!

Zipper tabs – I love these! Zippers can be intimidating but these make sewing zippers in super easy and pretty much fail-proof.

Corded Handles – Because the straps are important!

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Keep on craftin’!

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