10 New Mom Items You Won’t Regret Spending Your Money On

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Until I became a mother, I had no idea how HUGE the baby/kids product market was. Statistically, 49% of millennials surveyed said they believed raising a child would cost less then $5,000 per year…wow were we wrong!!! Not only are the necessities expensive, but it is easy to go overboard with items that SEEM necessary, but end up being used only once (if at all).

I consider myself guilty of falling in to the “oh, it won’t cost that much…” trap. Running through lists of needed items in my head: diapers, wipes, clothes, crib, toys, etc. It’s like going to the grocery story hungry…you only intend to spend $50 dollars but you walk out with a $135 bill and way more snack cakes then you need.

Kids add up fast! All their STUFF. And stuff = mess….and mess = stress. UGH! Still want a kid??? Well if you do…

No fear! I’ve put together a list of items that will save your wallet from addictive kid product buying!

This is a list of items that I have bought, used, and used A LOT. Some you may recognize. some you may not. Regardless, I think each of these is worth your penny when it comes to frugal parenting (and we are indeed that!).

10 New Mom Items You Won’t Regret Spending Your Money On:

1. Silicone Placemat

This placemat has been a godsend for my toddler. There are many variations but I think 3 sections works best. They suction to the table and don’t slide around so they are perfect for messy eaters or plate throwers! It can be a little bit of a pain cleaning the different sections, but they are dishwasher safe.


2. mOmma Developmental Meal Set

Another meal item that we use a lot! Before this set, we could not get our toddler to understand how a fork and spoon worked. When we introduced this, he figured it out on the first try! The handle for the fork and spoon are round to allow for better grip, the plate is silicon on the bottom so it doesn’t slide, and the sections are perfect for portion sizes. This was a baby shower gift to us, but I would recommend it to any new mom!

momma set

3. Nursing Arm Pillow

Most parents know about the Bobby Pillow, which is a great pillow and definitely worth getting as well. But, personally, I used this arm pillow much more. It’s small and easy to carry with you where ever you go, it keeps the arm sweat off baby’s head, and they come in so many colors! I got mine off of Etsy, as I love to support handmade products, but they can be found a lot of places online now.

nursing arm pillow

4. Pacifier Thermometer

All I can say is…I wish I had discovered this earlier! Honestly, taking a babies temperature can be as scary and frustrating as trying to cut their nails. A regular thermometer won’t stay in their mouth, I never trust that the armpit gives an accurate reading, and rectal reading…yea…no. Forehead thermometers and quick reads can be so expensive but these pacifier thermometers are a great alternative. My baby girl is 2 months old and she won’t take a pacifier except for this one. It takes about a minute and a half to read but its accurate and it lights up red if the temperature is too high. Worth it!

paci therm

5. No Spill 360º Sippy Cups

Well, almost no spill. Toddlers can spill anything if they throw it hard enough. But, they are dentist recommended and easy to clean! They can be a little tricky for your little one to figure out, but once they do they will love it!

sippy cup.jpg

6. Swaddle Me Swaddles

With my first born, I made my own swaddles out of organic cotton gauze and hand stamped them with his name. However, buying a swaddle works just as well! The Swaddle Me swaddles are my favorite because they are stretchy and snug. My daughter sleeps so soundly in them and the Velcro makes it so easy to open and close quickly.


7. Refillable Squeeze Pouches

These are a great option for frugal parenting! My son loves the fruit and veggie pouches you buy at the store, but I always feel so wasteful throwing the pouch away right after I buy them (as my toddler wants to eat them immediately if he sees them). I found these refillable pouches on amazon and it makes it so easy for your toddler to feed themselves your healthy puree creations! The easiest thing to fill them with though…applesauce! No more messy spoons and cups. Fill a bunch up at the beginning of the week and snack time is taken care of!

squeeze pouches

8. BioKleen Bac-Out Stain Remover

I would be underestimating if I said I have recommended this a only a few times. This stuff will take a onesie turned yellow from a diaper blowout and turn it white again! It also works great on cloth diapers, food stains, and pet stains. Plus is smells pretty nice! I load up on this stuff and have used it on clothes, carpets, and furniture. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it!


9. Cloth Diaper Fasteners

Speaking of cloth diapers, these fasteners take the scary pins out of the picture and make cloth diapering so easy! We try to save money wherever we can so cloth diapers were something that worked well for us to use intermittently. I was nervous a first, and it took a few tries to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it down is no problem at all!

cloth diaper fast.jpg

10. Amber Teething Necklace

I was very skeptical about amber teething necklaces when I first heard about them, but after trying everything from teethers to ice pops, I finally broke down and bought one. Surprisingly, they do make a difference! I was also nervous about my son wearing a necklace but he never once pulled at it. Amber has soothing properties and I’ve been told that raw amber provides even better results! There are many variations to be purchased through Etsy, Amazon, and other sites.

amber neck

11. Otteroo


Ok, so this is a fun one if you have some extra cash. Babies loves water (at least mine do), and water aerobics are just as good for babies as they are for adults. This is a floatie that goes around your babies neck (yes, it sounds scary but I promise its safe!) and allows their body the float freely in the water. It is safe for babies 8 weeks and up as long as they meet the weight requirements and always check with your doctor!! Only con, a normal bath tub is not deep enough so unless you have a soaker tub or a swimming pool you won’t get much use out of it. If you are able to use it thought it’s the cutest thing in the world!


I hope this information was helpful! Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

new mom items

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