DIY Snowflake Pillow

Remember back in grade school when you cut up coffee filters to make snowflakes?? So fun! Recently I had the urge to relive this childhood memory but, unfortunately, in the era of Keurigs and French Presses, there were no coffee filters to be found in our house!

I began getting crafty with some fabric and found out that snowflakes are super easy to make out of fabric scraps…and oh so many designs you can do!!! I chose to applique mine on to a pillow but there are tons of other projects you could do with them (see the end of this post).

This is a very easy beginner sewing DIY and takes about an hour to complete!

Snowflake pillow


TIP: Not sure how much fabric you need? Use this fabric calculator to find out! Keep in mind pattern direction when calculating as well.


1. Cut your pieces:

  • Cut two (2) 18″ x 18″ squares out of the velvet (or main pillow fabric)
  • Cut one (1) 11″ x 11″ square out of the white fabric
  • Cut one (1) 11″ x 11″ square out of the interfacing


2. Iron the interfacing to the white fabric following the interfacing manufacturers instructions. Make sure the interfacing is secure on all parts of the square.

3. Now comes the fun part…making the snowflake. You can be as creative as you want here, but I recommend keeping it simple, it will still be beautiful! Below is how you fold the fabric. Complete steps 1 – 6, then draw your design. You can find some easy design templates here.


4. Next cut out the snowflake design. I used a combination of large and small scissors, as the points of the triangles can be hard to cut perfect with just big scissors only. Trim loose strings and touch up straight lines so it looks just how you want it!


5. Spray the back of the snowflake with adhesive spray then SLOWLY and CAREFULLY position it on the pillow. You really only get one shot at this so plan out where you want it before you lay it down. Press down firmly and allow to dry.


6. Optional – Applique the snowflake on. For this project I used a wider zig zag stitch because I personally like the look of zig zag (and actual applique can take WAY too long). My machine was set to 3.5 stitch width and 1.0 stitch length.


7. Place the front and back sections of the pillow right sides together and stitch, leaving a 4″ opening for turning and stuffing.

  • TIP: Baste a piece of lightweight quilt batting to the back of the front pillow panel. This will help diminish any stuffing clumps.


8. Turn the pillow right side out and press.

9. Stuff to desired fullness.

10. Hand stitch the opening closed using a blind (ladder/invisible) stitch.




Additional project ideas to use fabric snowflakes:

  1. Glue them onto a plain colored paper and frame them
  2. Glue smaller ones to mason jars and use as decorative luminaries
  3. Use them on your own “ugly” sweater creation

Don’t feel like making it? Check out what I have for sale in my Etsy shop!

Keep on craftin’!


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