12 Easy Handmade Card Ideas

Cards are fun to buy, but they are even more fun to make. However, if you are anything like me, you’ve got a very large pile of scrapbook paper and little to no inspiration for what to do with it! I am more of a fabric person, so this happens to me a alot. Therefore, I recently was blessed with a creative streak and make a bunch of cards!

I am no pro at card-making or scrapbooking so I think these are pretty easy to make (even though they look like they took hours)! Simple, impressive, and thoughtful!

Here are some tools that are helpful (and worth buying if you are getting in to scrapbooking or card making):

12 Easy Handmade Card Ideas For Any Occasion

  1. Thank You Card: Cut out 6 equally sized squares from corresponding papers. Glue the squares to the front of the card and zig-zag stitch around the edges. Cut out two hearts from a matching plain paper and secure with pop dots to the top left and bottom right squares. Stamp, write, or place Thank You sticker in the very middle.20170520_202022
  2. Pregnancy Card: This one is literally SO simple! Just stamp or write the saying “may your pregnancy be filled with sweetness…” on the front. Add some cupcakes or other sweet treats cut out from paper or old cards, secure with pop dots. Stamp or write “…and your mornings be filled with caffeine!” on the inside. Glue on some coffee/caffeine-related decorations!
  3. Thinking of You Card for Grandma: Pick two patterned corresponding papers and one solid paper. Cut the first pattern paper for your background (green in this case) the same size as the front of the card. Cut the second pattern paper (floral) the same height as the card, but about an inch shorter in width. Cut a strip of solid paper large enough to fit your message and secure with glue to the second pattern paper (floral). Cut, tie and secure a ribbon under your message then secure the patterned piece (floral) with dots to the far right side of the card. Add some additional stickers or pearls if you have them!20170520_194810
  4. Baby Shower Card (girl): This is all about the layers. Cut a textured paper and a solid paper slightly smaller. Attached them in a layered style to the front of the card. Do the same when you cut out your hearts…add some embellishments like cork stickers, the name of the baby, or flowers flowers with pop dots!20170517_154421
  5. Graduation Card: This one is simple but it takes a little time. First, cut a solid stripe of bright paper to fit across the front middle of the card. Use a semi-sheer paper on top of that, cut slightly smaller. Cut out 2 squares on patterned or sequinned paper, then cut those squares in half to get even rectangles, and spread them out across the card, putting your foam numbers on top of each. To make the graduation cap: cut a small square out of a slightly textured black paper and use a needle to poke a hole in the middle. To make the tassel I used about a yard of all purpose thread and followed this tutorial. Finally, thread the tassel through the hat and attached the hat using pop dots!20170517_145745
  6. Father’s Day Card #1 – WOODSMAN: This is my fiance’s second Father’s day and I wanted to make him an extra special card! You will need to find some paper that has a wooden design (for the “walls”), forest themed paper (for behind the window), dark brown paper (for the window), and corresponding colored papers (for the heart). Cover the front of the card with your wooden design paper. To make the window: cut your brown paper to measure the same height as the card front but about 1.5″ – 2″ less in width (depending on how big your card is)…mark 1/4″ in from each corner to create a border around the outside, then find the center of each side and mark the middle panes at 1/4″…you should see the window shape by now, so just cut out the centers! Next, cut your forest paper to match the size of the window, attach. Add some text, stickers, even mini pictures of the kids would be super cute!20170601_071318
  7. Father’s Day Card #2: COLORFULLY SIMPLE – This is as simple as they come! Gather a piece of blue paper and cut it to however big you want the card. Next, gather some patterned paper, and cut it slightly smaller then the front of the card. Finally, use scraps or cut strips from a pop of color paper (like yellow!!!) and attach them diagonally across the top right corner and bottom left corner. Attach the patterned paper on top of that and stick on some DAD stickers and you’re good to go!20170601_071502
  8. Mother’s Day Card – OK I’m a little late on this one, but it was sent out before I got to take a picture so I had to wait until my mom received it! This one can be a little tricky…you will need: background paper, 3 corresponding papers, and a “mother” sticker. Basically you are just going to cut equal but elongated triangles with the various papers and arrange them in a sunburst shape starting at the bottom left corner. Cut out a small heart from the background paper to add to the bottom (this also covers any cutting mistakes!) Stick on your “mother” sticker. Done!22023
  9. 3D Heart Birthday Card – I LOVE this card!! You will need plain paper for your card, pretty patterned paper, corresponding plain paper, letter stickers, and a heart punch out. Cut your card to the size you would like and cut you pattern paper (round the corners) slightly smaller then the front of the card. Cut a 1″ strip out of the plain paper and position it on the left side of the pattern paper. Glue and zig-zag stitch to attach. Glue on the patterned front piece. Use your heart punch out to punch a heart in the bottom right corner, punching through the whole front of the card (If you don’t have a heart punch you can use an exacto knife). Punch a heart out of a corresponding textured paper and glue it to the INSIDE of the card…there is your 3D look. Stick on your letter stickers and voila!
  10. Crazy Stripes Baby Shower Card (Boy) – Using a plain or lightly patterned piece of scrapbook paper, cut to the size of the card you want. Then, cut out various length strips of striped paper and glue on, slightly overlapping them. It helps to lay the strips out first to see exactly how you want them before you glue. Cut out a heart from a coordinating paper color and glue on the top left corner. Attach your lettering to spell “baby” and embellish with pearls!20170626_135228
  11. Baby Shower Card (Boy) – Cut your desired card size out of a plain blue piece of paper. Cut a rectangular piece out of a lighter colored paper with a light pattern to fit slightly smaller then the front of your card. Cut a cloud shape out of a cloud patterned paper and attach to top right corner. Then, using various patterned papers, cut small rectangles (small enough to fit “baby” and the name you intend to use, but large enough to fit your lettering). Put the lettering on the small rectangles of paper, arrange, and glue on in a curved manner as if to mimic a banner hanging. Finally, stitch (or draw) the string to really make it look like a banner!20170626_135212
  12. Happy Birthday (21+) – Cut your desired card size out of a bright colored, plain paper. Using two funky patterned papers, cut two rectangles to fit the top and bottom half of the front of the card, glue to attach. To make the candles: cut long rectangles for the sticks and tear drop shapes for the flames, glue to attach, making sure you can cover up the bottom of the candles with the long strip in the middle. Then cut your long strip and attach it. Stamp, use stickers, or write “Drink up!” and embellish with pretty paper flowers!20170626_135148

Please visit my Etsy shop for some gifts to go along with the beautiful cards you just made!

Keep on craftin’!

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